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reveal and shift

'Graphically representing yourself, in combination and/or juxtaposition to what you see as New Zealand'

This project asked to create symbols that express my own cultural background, and how to connect this to my place within the larger New Zealand. Using iterative designer processes, I have revealed through drawing and digital graphics a graphic symbol - clearly and concisely depicting this aspect of who I am and how I fit into what I percieve to be the New Zealand Culture.

Understanding Ta-vā, a personal perception of reality constructed through time and space, this project built from first creating a subjective and an objective symbol - representative of my own culture and the culture of New Zealand. Then combining the two, and rearticulating this new symbol to create further more iterative designs. These new symbols were then put into 'catseye', a university made programme which tesselates specific parts of images. After creating many patterened outputs from 'catseye', I compiled the best to create my final outcome, a page emulating the patterned pages of Owen Jone's, "The Grammar of Ornament".