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'to look at the familiar and re-address it through abstraction'

The challenge with this project was to see with a "new and critical eye", looking at both what you view and what you draw. Analytically deconstructing, constructing and re-constructing this view to determine what I wish others to see.

This series is comprised of seven pieces:

1. Hatch: 20 squares filled with different textures, following a gradient. This puts focus on 'mark making'.

2. Analyse/Draw: with an object of our own choosing, this is a series of investigative drawings, strictly analytical and clearly communicating correct information.

3. Scale/Abstract: using the same object from Analyse/Draw, Scale/Abstract does the opposite and looks at abstraction rather than direct replication. Heavy compositional consideration and abstraction play an important role in producing a successful outcome.

4. In The Style Of: following a precedent image and replicating it exactly with our own object.

5. These Are A Few (Of My Favourite Things): 3x3 grid of 40x40mm squares of my chosen object. This challenges to frame specific details rather than drawing something in its entirety.

6. Just Do It: looking at line weight, clarity, rules, guides and an example from Nike to create a visually appealing layout.

7. 3x3 grid of 40x40mm squares, filled with 9 symbols from my 'Just Do It' drawing. Each symbol is developed in consideration with the rest and how they are read as a collective.